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Memory Loss May Be Due To Some Widely Used Drugs

Today in my lab exam relating the in vitro dissolution study of drugs, I got  to know that the motility of our stomach is more than that in our intestine. Though a very simple information it was but it is really nice to learn something new each time you  get to know. A similar incident, while in the viva of my year end of  Bachelor of Pharmacy, i was asked by my teacher about my any favorite subjects. I answered that they were physiology and pharmacology.And then based on my answer I was asked to answer, what is the difference between physiologic and pharmacologic action. I was really well prepared and very confident, but somehow I failed to give the correct answer, perhaps due to nervousness. But again rather than being sad for not being able to answer correctly I was very happy all again to learn something new when my teacher gave  the answer in very simple words that, physiologic action is the normal functioning of our body systems and organs which is maintained by food and vtamins and minerals but pharmacologic action is the modification of the physiologic function by some chemical substances such as drugs to the normal when there is an alteration or disturbance  in the normal physiologic function due to some disease. This is how you see the glass is always half full and come on friends there should be such  a fire to learn new things.

Anyway friends, the summary of the story is that some times very small and simple information can be very useful and can help a lot.

Old people usually tend to suffer from memory loss and concentration due to an aging process but not all of them tend to suffer from the same. But a large percentage as about 80% of the elderly people complaint of having weakened memory.

A recent research have found that there may be a link between these increased cases of weakened memory in older people and the incident that about 90% of these older people worldwide take at least  some form of prescription medications, one or the other at their older age, as over 60 years of age it is usual that these elderly people would have at least some form of  health complications such as heart problems, insomnia,etc. 

If these patients tend to suffer from memory problems while taking any form of sleeping pills, anti - histamines ( 1st generation ones), tricyclic anti - depressants and the benzodiazepines,then they should check on their medication  cupboard as these drugs may be actually causing the memory problem in these patients and consult with their prescriber or a doctor. 

Medications with the potential to bind to cholinergic, histamine, GABAergic or opioid receptors in the brain tended to affect amnestic ( memory ) and non - amnestic ( concentration, attention, performance, information processing ) to treat insomnia, anxiety, etc. in these older people with episodic use of these medications and are often overlooked by them as these symptoms are not affecting their daily life actually. These drugs are found to affect memory and concentration in a clear dose - response relationship dependent manner.

So the dose of these drugs should very carefully decided.

While prescribing old patients with such medications, it is the responsibility of the doctor and more of the patients' pharmacist to give a thorough understanding of the medications' pharmacological actions and other treatment options to the patients problem. It is the right of the patient to be informed about any safety considerations. But overall, if using the medication relieves the patient from more severe symptoms than memory problems then of course, the medication should really be continued by the patient.

It is our duty to be alert of such critical side effects of any medications after getting to know them.So friends, I hope that after reading through this post you will definitely able to help your elders with any such problem and be aware of yourselves. 

So friends do not miss any chance to learn something each time time you get to learn, because sometimes you may get too something really groundbreaking and amazing, as you never know, what is coming your way and till our next post hope you will stay healthy and passionate and keep joining us in Pharmacy Talks.

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