Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What Is Green Tea? ( Its Origin )

It is a Green Tea week

Hello, dear friends. Hope you all are doing fabulous. Now, inspite of the fact that I do not like green tea's flavour that much but still I am writing about this gren tea stuff, because I have a plan to soon include green tea in my diet. Have you included it in your diet yet? 

So, in our last post we all raed about the meaning of green tae. But do we yet  know its origin? Reading today's post will give you a picture of green tea's origin.

Kingdom :  Plantae            Family : Theaceae  

Order : Ericles                   Genus : Camellia 

Species : Camellia sinesis 

Common Names : Tea plant, tea shrub, tea tree. 

Camellia sinesis is a species of evergreen shrub or small tree.There are two principle varieties of
Camellia sinesis tea plant.                                          Fig : Camellia sinesis

Camellia sinesis sinesis: with small leaves native to China, is used to produce green tea and white tea.

Camellia sinesis assamica: with larger leaves native to India ( Assam ), used to produce strong black tea..

But, technically any type of tea can be made from the leaves of any Camellia sinesis plant. Green tea infact comes from the same plant as other teas, the  Camellia sinesis, it is simply differently processed, that is not oxidised or less oxidised. 

Green tea is said to have originated in Chna. Even today, the word " tea " in China refers only to green tea. To this day, China and Japan are the top two green tea producing and exporting countries in the world. 

So, friends, now we know that Green tea's root, origin is in China and is today famous all around the world as the most healthy beverage.

This was an approximate picture of green tea's origin and source. I  hope you all enjoyed readingg our post today. Catch on our next post to know about some more facts about green tea. 

Till then friends be passionate and healthy, and ofcourse keep blogging. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What is Green Tea? 

It is a Green Tea week.

Green tea is fashion, green tea is lifestyle, green tea is diet and green tea is golden health. It has a light green appearance. Also it not only tastes light but on drinking makes us feel more lighter. Even it is considered the most healthy beverage of the world. But dear readers if we step more deeper into the actual meaning of what green tea is, then here it is.

Green tea is actually the normal black tea drunk all over the world, but the only difference that makes the green tea we all love is that green tea leaves do not undergo oxidation or undergo minimum oixidation before the leaves are heated and dried. 

The variety of tea plant and how the tea leaves are processed exactly defines what is green tea and what is black tea. 

Let us get little more deeper into the meaning of green tea.

For green tea, tea leaves are harvested and immediately heated or steamed to avoid oxidation and then dried. For black tea, tea leaves are harvested and allowed to fully oxidise before heating and drying. 

What does the oxidation do to the tea leaves?

During oxidation oxygen interacts with the tea plant's cell walls, turning the leaves into the dark brown to black color that black tea is famous for, and significantly alters their flavour profile. 

The light, grassy and the fresh picked flavor and the good health effect of green tea is only because of the fact that their leaves undergone only negligible oxidation. 

Dear readers, I hope I was able to  give you an almost clear picture of what green tea is. I myself was very eager to know about it. But there are even more amazing and important features of green tea that we must know. 

Do not miss to catch  more amazing facts about green tea in our next post guys.

Till then be passionate, be healthy and keep blogging.