Thursday, 31 January 2013

Oxygen Injection Could Make Us Live Even Without Breathing

Good afternoon, everybody.How you all doing with your genius minds, fantastic right? Of course, genius minds always go fantastic. Here in this freezing winter my surrounding is in a toury mood, you know, everyone is taking a long tour. Well, to me,tour simply means a lot of  fresh O2, and a lot of fresh O2 means a great deal of health - all exhausted cells respire well and our busy brain gets empowered getting us refreshed. 

But, do we ever think about the importance of O2 to us, we can die without our blood oxygenated with O2 in seconds.We breathe unconsciously O2 each moment of our life. Many people worldwide are dying due to inability of breathing and lack of O2 whose airways are blocked in the emergency department of hospital.

The question, what could be the solution to these people, came , i think should come to a halt after this  incredible breakthrough in medical science, a novel achievement with enormous potential benefits after so many years, which we are going to see in the following.

So friends, get tight to your seats with a hot cup of coffee, because you all are very excited to know about this fabulous technology which could put small O2 gas bubbles into a single - layered spherical lipidic shells and thus encapsulating the gaseous  O2 and suspending in a liquid emulsion avoiding the formation of larger bubbles and suitable for being injected into the bloodstream. These O2 micro - particles are injected directly into the blood where the give up their O2 very flexibly by diffusion to the almost dying red blood cells in within seconds of contact in a very critical patient.

But friends, to be aware of  not injecting gaseous O2 directly into the blood as the gas would gather in bubbles and fatally block the blood flow - an already attempted step by the doctors in World War I.

Very surprisingly, when rabbits were injected with this O2 injection, their O2 levels went to normal within seconds and the rabbits survived for 15 minutes with their airways blocked.But came to know that this if gets safe for humans, then they could make humans alive for 1 1/2 hours.

Cardiologist, John Kheir's life in 2006, when one of his patients with pneumonia was critical as her lungs were filling with blood and by the time  he connected her to a heart - lung machine to oxygenate her, she died due to oxygen deprived brain damage.He was frustrated of not being able to oxygenate her even when she was in ICU. It seemed from this sudden incident that how a sudden incident can be the germ for such a great revolution, brought by John Kheir.

This injection is not yet safe for humans, and i think, not only me guys, we all are waiting for this procedure to be safe for humans use because then it would possible to save millions of lives deaths each year worldwide caused by heart attacks, chocking, pneumonia, brain damage, asthmatic attacks and any kind of injury due to O2 deprivation.  

Now, one really good news that this achievement provides is to divers and swimmers, as it is thought that this injection could keep O2 to normal for 20 minutes without breathing. So divers and swimmers can inject  this O2 micro - particles into their blood and be underwater for up to 20 minutes.Is not it really awesome friends. So, divers and swimmers, you can keep your eyes and ears open for this technology to b e safe for us, humans. 

And more interestingly, this technological procedure could also be a component of our first aid box for for cases of MI, chocking and heart attacks at home, colleges, various institutes, etc. and eventually O2 micro - particles could be stored in syringes on the code cart in a hospital, ambulance and helicopter transport as an emergency tool.

Above all, there is actually no replacement for God gifted lungs, but if this procedure really gets safe for humans and keeps improving then a person can be made alive even longer beyond imagination by pushing continuous O2 micro - particles into blood. On the other side, any risks of the long - term use of this injection are also being determined.

But friends, to say honestly, this is probably the biggest advancement in medical science as it could also prove economically good by getting rid off using the expensive respirators.

So friends, keep your eye on our blog to get further updates of any improvements made in this fabulous technology and soon we will welcome you to some even new innovations.Till then friends do not forget miss to stay healthy, be passionate and keep blogging.

Cancer Detection By Jellyfish

Hey friends, today i am  going to take you  into the sea and  to look how beautiful the sea creatures are. How amazingly they are living in the sea. But have we ever asked yourselves about how they fight to live their lives, how they survive?How they themselves immuned to disorders, such as cancer? However, now the scientists are going to, in our modern technological life  to try to  find out something different that no-one imagined or thought. I am now going to discuss with you about one of the sea creatures from which the scientists are trying to get something to treat the cancer or to detect the cancer cells. And the most amazing news is, we are almost in the border line of the success.
I am going to discuss about  the beautiful sea creature we know by the name of Jellyfish, isn’t it so beautiful, colorful creation of the sea.

Now our creative, innovative, breakthrough and informative document is that Jellyfish is now inspiring us and our scientists  a way to detect cancer, microbes and viruses. In this research a device is invented which could help quickly and sensitively detect life-threatening diseases and capture dangerous cells for analysis so that doctors can devise the best therapies to fight them.
From this topic I can share with you that sometimes I say : “Nature has overcome the most challenging barriers ….. Evolution really is the best problem-solver, and there is so much we can learn from nature."
I think we all know about DNA but who does not know clearly - DNA is the molecule that holds the blueprints of life. Sequences of DNA known as aptamers also show a remarkable ability to bind onto very specific targets.
To test this device, the researchers generated long DNA strands with aptamers that would bind onto a protein found abundantly on the surfaces of human cancer cells. The strands are up to hundreds of microns long — in comparison, the average human hair is about 100 microns wide. The length of these strands gives them more area to snag onto target proteins and their associated cells than other methods that employ antibodies or shorter DNA strands.
In experiments, blood samples containing leukemia cells were flowed past the device. These long DNA tentacles efficiently captured up to about 80 percent of these cells, about six times more than methods relying on antibodies or shorter DNA strands.
The chip which have developed is highly sensitive, and from just a tiny amount of blood, the chip can detect and capture the small population of cancer cells responsible for cancer  relapse.
In hunting for blood-based cancers, the device might also find cancer cells that have broken away from tumors and are traveling through the bloodstream. Roaming cancers known as metastases are the leading cause of deaths from cancer, but these wandering cells are very rare in the bloodstream, with just a few to several thousand per milliliter of a patient's blood.
This device has the potential to catch these cells before they may seed a new tumor in a distant organ. The researchers say that they could speed up  the system  fast enough for practical use in the clinic.
Even the researchers say that if a patient had a rapid test they  could tell  where these cells can seed a metastasis, that would help to monitor the progression of therapy and progression of the disease.
One of the greatest challenges in the treatment of cancer patients is to know which drug to prescribe. But we can say that, "By isolating circulating tumor cells before and after the first round of chemotherapy is given, we can determine the biology behind why certain cells are resistant to chemotherapy. We can also use the isolated cells to screen drugs for personalized treatments that could boost effectiveness and hopefully prevent cancer relapse."

So, dear friends, i hope you really enjoyed knowing about the above innovation by the researchers towards saving lives and i am really hoping that you all snap out some spare time in the day of tomorrow to join us in our blog spot, to get amazed with an incredible breakthrough achieved in our medical science. Till then stay healthy, be passionate and keep blogging.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Buying online drugs - a very risky activity

In today’s era, I find, In fact we all find internet a very useful tool. Starting from browsing  the entire earth in seconds to online shopping, getting the exclusive e – books, saving time to run to the shops in our busy schedule and getting updates of  bunches of information. But, this is not how we use the all the time available internet facility, such as to buy online medicines to avoid the embarrassment of seeing the doctor or visiting the pharmacist.
So, this is the kind of information we should all be anticipated of  and  prevent getting into a dangerous life threatening situation.
When I went through a report , I very interestingly came to know that The number of people buying prescription drugs online without a prescription is increasing significantly, 50% of the pharmacists’ customers worldwide have admitted buying drugs online.

Now, let me inform you how exactly this number is increasing.
Some of us who have access to the internet are being targeted by these websites for selling prescription drugs without a prescription. Did you know what prescription drugs are? - drugs which are not legally available to patients without a prescription.
I also came to know that many  websites  selling drugs online which may seem very legit and authorized but actually are illegal and supply fake and even dangerous and narcotic medicines to their customers. Also many of us who want to avoid the embarrassment of seeing a doctor and because of its quick and easy nature. Well, it is not unobvious that a lot of people don't understand the risks involved when purchasing prescription medicines on the Internet. I think, all these factors are causing this number to increase.
The role of a pharmacist to advise their patients about how not to misuse medicines .So, I think in this case pharmacists also mainly have a role in decreasing the number of such people.
But I was really surprised to know that even pharmacists were tricked to think that they are the proper drugs and these drugs look very much like the real drugs whereas they are not.

The only way to tell if the drug is real or fake by testing it in a lab and informing your doctor as soon as any symptoms arise. We in particular hope people to stay away from these fake websites and buy drugs as much as possible from regulated and authorized pharmacies.
While I was looking through this report I encountered  a 64 year old women who can be exemplified  about the risk associated with online drug buying, who was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, her vision was falling and she also developed glaucoma and cataracts after using online oral prednisolone therapy.
I believe, in this modernized world, visiting doctors and pharmacists is a smart act of approach towards our health rather than being embarrassed.

Make sure you know the following facts before buying medicines online :
Some dangers of buying medicines online :
Some websites :
1. May not know the cause of your health problem. They could also give you the wrong medicine for your illness.
2. Will sell you prescription drugs even if you don’t have a prescription. This is against the law.
3. Doesn’t protect your private information like your credit card no.

Some medicines sold online :
1. Are fake,
2. Have things in them that could hurt you,
3. Are too strong or too weak,
4. Are too old to work,
5. Are not approved by the FDA,
6. Are not made using safe standards,
7. Are not safe to use with other medicines or products you use,
8. Are not labeled,
9. Are not stored or shipped the right way,
Does not the  above points make it clear that the risks of buying medications online greatly outweigh any potential benefits.

So , lets raise awareness among us about the dangers of buying medicines online without a prescription.

Hi, world

Hi, world

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