Saturday, 9 February 2013

Daily Aspirin Use Reduces Deaths From Cancer And Its Spread

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Today the way people are being diagnosed with and dying from cancer is terrifying. But our great scientists are constant in trying to give us hope to fight cancer and to reduce cancer associated mortality rates. Now days, uterus cancer, GIT cancer, etc. are being the most prevalent.

But, remember friends, in my last post I discussed about a new and somewhat threatening adverse effect of aspirin, the increased risk of blindness due to long - term aspirin use in elderly patients. Despite that potential adverse effect of aspirin, aspirin is thought to make a breakthrough inn researches to prevent cancer patients from dying.

I was really surprised and amazed to know that healthy people when took a small dose of aspirin daily for 11 years,their risks to die from cancer were reduced by 16% and also, though not as strong as thought to be, daily aspirin use even protected against cancer in people with no previous history of cancer.

More interestingly, simply taking  an aspirin tablet daily for several years reduced gastrointestinal cancers, such as, stomach and colo - rectal cancers by 40% and deaths from cancers by 12% on an average.

But aspirin use did not seem to reduce lung cancer in smokers.

Now friends, do not you want to know exactly how aspirin is doing this job of reducing risks of cancer and its spread : 

It may damp down body's inflammation and slow down cell's mutation that ultimately turn out into cancer cells, thus slowing down the spread of cancer around the body by preventing these cancer cells from sticking to blood platelets, and thus, this is how the mortality rates are thought to be reduced in cancer patients 

But to be noted that, as it is so simple a formula: take an aspirin tablet daily and get rid of cancer risk,it does not really mean that friends,that people just start up daily aspirin doses without keeping any concern about its well known major adverse effects of GIT damage leading to internal bleeding and increased risk of blindness,and without consulting your physician. 

The research evidence is not yet mature enough for people to commence its use for this cancer purpose, because even a small dose of aspirin could lead to stomach bleeding, though its use for its prophylactic function remains in the same place.

Use of aspirin for combating cancer deaths should strictly be made considering the risk - benefit ratio, patient's history and physician's consult. Till then let us all wait for this great revolutionary and innovative procedure to get completely safe and mature for our use.

And till our next post friends, you all stay healthy nd passionate and of course, keep blogging.

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