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Oral Insulin For The First Time Will Be A Reality

Merry Christmas : Santa's Gift - News Of Oral Insulin 

"Dashing through the snow            
In a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bob tails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way                                                                                     Hellofriends.A Merry Christmas to all.Christmas festival is for giving gifts
Oh, what fun it is to ride              to friends and family and a family - friend get together. And who forgets 
In a one horse open sleigh           about the Christmas cakes on this winter occasion specially when friends 
                                                  and family are getting together. Fruit cakes decorated with cherries and 
A day or two ago                       strawberries, yummy creams, and cakes essenced with cardamom and
I thought I'd take a ride               cinnamon flavors, spiced with dates, nuts, etc. Chocolates and ice -
And soon Miss Fanny Bright       creams are always the complementary foods in occasions. But sadly,
Was seated by my side               many people, people with diabetes mellitus, are deprived of
The horse was lean and lank        this enjoying part of any occasion actually. But they may enjoy a little
Misfortune seemed his lot            of it that also with the pain of injecting insulin two times a day.
We got into a drifted bank           I have seen people wishing if oral insulin were there including myself for my
And then we got upsot                grandmother and my late father who suffered from this disease, and still
                                                  many waiting with hope for an oral one. 
                                                   Diabetes is a disease where the body either does not make enough insulin Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells           ( type I diabetes mellitus ) or the insulin produced cannot be used by the 
Jingle all the way                         body properly ( type II diabetes mellitus ). Insulin is a hormone that makes
Oh, what fun it is to ride              blood glucose or blood sugar get absorbed into body cells and provide
In a one horse open sleigh           them with energy. Diabetes leads the glucose to remain in the blood
Jingle bells, jingle bells                 which further leads to lots of serious health problems including death.
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride              
In a one horse open sleigh yeah      

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh"

But I think, this Christmas Santa is going to bring such a gift to all of us from God, which will put an end to our waiting for the day when people may get rid of the painful insulin intake, rather they will take insulin like all other random oral medications. So friends, here we go with Snata's Christmass groundbreaking breakthrough news in medical science of an " insulin pill " ( oral insulin ), first time in medical science.

Oral insulin is being tried to be made since the 1930s, but for two main reasons this has not been a reality for all these past years.

1. Insulin being a protein, when comes in contact with stomach enzymes after oral ingestion, it gets destroyed and absorption is not enough to get the desired plasma insulin concentration.

2.Insulin is a quiet big molecule ( about 30 times the size of an aspirin molecule ) to be absorbed into the bloodstream to exert its effect.

To overcome these two obstacles in developing an effective insulin pill, some Indian scientists

1.Enclosed or packed the insulin in tiny sacs made of lipids or fats called liposomes.

2.Then these liposomes were wrapped in protective layers called the poly - electrolytes.

3.Then, finally to help these two layered insulin to get absorbed into the bloodstream properly, they attached a kind of vitamin B, folic acid ( Vitamin B9 ). This vitamin has shown to help the transport of liposomes across the intestinal wall into the blood stream.

The lipids used in the pills are cheaper and have successfully been used to deliver many medicines previously. These lipids protect the insulin from stomach enzymes and carry the insulin to the intestine where they get absorbed successfully. When the lipid - covered tiny sacs enter the small intestine, special cells on its lining called microfold cells get attracted to the folic acid in them. The folic acid helps activate a transport mechanism that let big molecules pass through the intestinal wall into the blood stream. A safe amount of folic acid is used in making these insulin pills.

In studies with rats, these insulin pills lowered blood glucose levels as much as an injected insulin.

But the most amazing news about these insulin pills is that, the effect of an insulin injection lasted only for 6 to 8 hours requiring another injection dose shortly within, but the effect of an insulin pill lasted for more than 18 hours. Is not that just amazing friends!

Another advantage is that, oral insulin like the naturally secreted insulin from pancreas goes to the liver first before reaching the blood stream, but injected insulin directly leads the insulin to the blood, which is not quiet natural for the body.

But till it has entered the phase II clinical trial, the most advanced phase reached by any oral insulin idea so far. After this miraculous innovation successfully completes its clinical trials on human volunteers, people around the world with diabetes will no more have to bear the pain of injecting insulin and carrying the insulin kit with them where ever they travels.

So dear friends, this discovery will reduce a lot of pain bared by the diabetic patients all around the world.The lives of these patients will never be the same any more. And we should really be grateful and give humble thanks to the scientists who worked so hard, night and day behind this discovery. May God bless them.

Hoping that reaching my post on this Christmas eve, will make your Christmas celebration even more joyous, I am saying good bye today. And definitely do not forget to pass on this great discovery  and joy to your friends and family. Once again wish you all a Merry Christmas and do not forget to stay healthy, passionate and keep blogging.

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