Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Moth Ball Use Is Dangerous For Health

Moth balls! After looking at these two words, some of you will say, " yuk, I hate them", while some of you will jump out to say, " Oh! I love the odor they carry". Even I myself love their odor and love to use them as an air freshener in my room, but very unluckily got in a restriction on their use. Once I used to scatter them all around in my room, in between clothes, on my bookshelf, in almirahs, on cupboards, on my study table corners, etc and in some more places in my room.
But, when I repeatedly found my hemoglobin level to fall to 8 mg / dl associated with dizziness, I suddenly and actually luckily found a link of anemia with moth balls.Which said that, moth balls contain naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene alone or a combination of both, which are highly linked to hemolytic anemia and risk of kidney and liver damage. 

On the other hand, initially me and my doctor was little shaken by such a sudden fall in my Hb level despite of a continuous good diet habit. And we assumed that it might be due to thalassemia ( minor ) which I have, but even that actually did not make any sense. So, when I went through the link details, and some more articles relating this I came to suspect and was almost sure that these moth balls were actually causing the Hb level to fall and I was so thank full to God that I  found the link at exactly the right time, and immediately I stopped the use of the moth balls, and also warned the known ones about their health hazards.

Moth balls are composed approximately of 100% active ingredients, either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene alone or a combination of both of them.These two are highly toxic active ingredients and are actually toxic pesticides.They are fumigants, that is, they slowly turn from solids to a toxic vapor. So inhalation of the moth balls would actually mean the inhalation of pesticides. 

Moth balls to have their effects on insects and moths must be in high concentration in the air, and this is the main fact that is causing harm to human health too. So, friends, let us look at the health hazards that these moth balls have to provide us :

Health Hazards Due To Naphthalene In Moth Balls :             

1. Headache
4.Respiratory Distress ( Difficulty Breathing )
5.Exposure to large amounts of naphthalene can destroy the red blood cells, called hemolytic anemia and the symptoms include :

       a) Fatigue
       b) Lack of appetite
       c) Restlessness
       d) Pale skin
       e) Fever
6.Blood in urine ( Naphthalene poisoning can be detected by this symptom )
7. Vomitting
8. Diarrrhea
9.Yellow color to the skin
Affect :
10. Liver
11. Kidney
12. Nervous system

Health Hazards Due To Paradichlorobenzene In Moth Balls : 

5.Eye and nasal passage irritation
6.Dermal irritation
7.Kidney damage
8.Liver damage

Most threateningly, these chemicals in moth balls are considered as carcinogenic, that is cancer growth stimulants. 

Mostly, babies and children are at most risk from the chemicals present in the moth balls leading to hemolytic anemia, because babies cannot excrete the byproducts made by the moth ball chemicals. Children with the hereditary glucose - 6 - phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD ) deficiency are at the highest risk.

If someone ingests a moth ball, death may result, including pet and children.So if someone ingests moth ball, immediately call the poison center in your nearby town. Moth balls are seen to kill birds in the garden.

The chemicals in moth balls enter the body through inhalation or through the skin.
Initially moth balls were developed to prevent moths from nesting and feeding on woolen clothes and other clothes kept in a closet. But its use has been expanded by some people by sprinkling them inside and outside their homes to keep rodents and snakes away. But the use of moth balls for such purposes is unnecessary, simply harming the health of humans.But surprisingly, the manufacturer does not mention any of these health hazards from use of moth balls.

So, guys, if any one of you reading my post today or at some other time, stop the use of moth balls immediately. Some people have the habit of sniffing moth balls, please stop doing so immediately. As I myself was affected by use of moth balls leading to low levels of blood hemoglobin.

So friends, today by my post I tried helping you people by informing about the health hazards of extensive use of moth balls. Their use seems really health threatening. If you have any questions about this post please ask.I hope you are all going to be well concerned about the use of moth balls and not going to be any late stopping their use if you earlier have found my post.

So, for today I am saying goodbye to all. And of course till my next post I hope you all will stay healthy and passionate, and keep visiting our blog.


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