Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Eid Mubarak!

Hello dear friends.Hello once again.Feeling so light, so much happy to write today as.......yes, I know, I know, you have already made a guess, yes, as tomorrow is Eid!

Want to thank The Almighty Allah so much for making us, for giving us the strength to smoothly and safely complete our Ramadan. It was a total blessing from Allah.Today we are at the end of Ramadan, toady is the last fast we have to perform, though in some parts of the world, this glorious occasion, Eid is being performed, we will inshallah perform it tomorrow, on 09/08/13.

I hope, you all had a great and bless full Ramdan and your Eid preparation is being joyous then ever. 

I am ending today with a beautiful poem dedicated to all you dear friends. And till our next posts, stay healthy, be passionate and keep blogging.

Eid Night             

Star light, new moon bright, 
High up in the sky tonight, 
Shining bright, shining clear, 
Telling us that Eid is here.

'Eid mubarak, 'Eid mubarak.
Happy Eid' we say, 
Tomorrow we will have a feast, 
It's such a happy day.

At home we will have a party, 
With bright new clothes to wear, 
And gams to play with all our friends,
And lovely food to share.

We always must remember
To thank God as we pray, 
Family and clothes and food
God gives us everyday.

Eid Mubarak! Have a blasting Eid!


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