Monday, 22 September 2014

Breast Cancer Caused By Wearing Bras 24 hours

Hello, our dear friends worldwide! Your so loved, so appreciated and so praised blog, pharmacy talks is back among you guys. The gentle breeze of breakthrough innovations, revolutions and medical and scientific information are once again there to shower over your minds and of course, at the same time being much useful to you by providing you with bunches of essential and necessary information. Before I begin, let me hope that you all are doing great there.

So, friends, I am going to be a little bit of informative to you today. The information that I am going to provide in this blog today is mostly for girls and women out there, but never mind, boys and men need not let their mood down on this because they too are going to find essentially important facts from here for their ladies!

Now, the information that is really going to open your eyes and help you out for real good is that, wearing bras constantly for 24 hours long is going to put your life to a deadly risk by developing cancer in your breasts.Did you know this ladies? I am sure, most of us just believe the opposite, and wear bras for 24 hours continuously even during the sleep, even if we are not too comfortable with them, at least until reading this post, right? Wrong! Today is the time to break this false thinking girls.

Again, today I am going to be very particular, specific and precise.Let us look at the following facts.

An ill, tight fitting, wrong size bra worn for 24 hours long can cause and increase the risk of  breast cancer. But a woman who wears bra very rarely does not have the chance of developing breast cancer. See how shocking the fact is.

The following are the main reasons of your bra being a serious cause of developing breast cancer :

> Blockage of the lymphatic drainage system is being the main problem here, because when lymph fluid flows to the breast tissues, it washes away all the wastes and toxic materials from the breasts to the kidneys for their removal from the body. So, if the lymphatic flow to the breast tissue is being blocked, this means that all those wastes and toxins are going to accumulate in your breasts, eventually leading to breast cancer development.

> The temperature of  the breasts will be high for a long period of time, for as long as you are actually wearing the bras again leading to breast cancer development.

> The hormone prolactin, which stimulates the milk glands in the breasts, are found in increased amounts in women who wear bra often and also for a long time including during sleep. So, prolactin is stimulating your milk glands and you are not breast feeding, so this is definitely going to develop cancer in your breasts right.

> Another hormone named as melatonin, which regulates the body's sleep cycles, has anti - cancer activities, is a powerful anti - oxidant which also prevents DNA damage is found to be reduced by 60% in women who wear bra. Without this kind of powerful protection the breasts will definitely be under a higher risk of developing cancer. 

The nature of the bra, design of the bra, size of the bra and the time for which the bra is being worn will all eventually determine the extent of risk of cancer development in the breasts.

Therefore, from the above discussion, there seems no justification of wearing a bra even during the sleep and unnecessarily when you are just staying at home on a holiday, or you are a housewife staying at home most of the times. But it is advisable that women who are working and need to wear bras for long, pleas try not wearing them for more than 12 hours a day. Come on girls, give your breasts a little space to breath andto  live . Let them feel relaxed. Just avoid wearing bras during sleep girls.Women wearing bras very raely will live with a pronounced breast health and a healthy life too.

I think, this information is going to be a hell lot of useful to all the girls who come up to read this post. And please, those who are reading the post, share it with your friends to aware them up.

Put your eyes in our blog, as some safe alternatives to wearing bras will be shared in our blog soon.So, friends till our next post stay healthy and keep blogging.Thanks all.

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Anonymous said...

Hello this article cought my eye because I am a breast cancer survivor of 15 yrs, all thanks and Glory to GOD. I wear bras designed for women who deal or have dealt with breast cancer. I always rush to remove my bra once I've got home, just to be comfortable. Although this info makes sense, I would like to know where you got this information from especially before I share it.Thnx