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Secret Health Benefits Of Fasting In Ramadan

Hello, dear friends!! How are you all?I really hope that you all are in great fun. After so long I am being able to write my post. It is just my research work that is keeping me that busy these days. Anyways friends, not to forget wishing you all a happy Ramadan, a blessed and peaceful Ramadan. May Allah accepts everyone's fasting this joyous Ramadan. So, how is your Ramadan going friends? Hope it is being full of devotion to The Almighty Allah.

Some people have a misconception that fasting long for 30 days continuously in Ramadan may have some health risks, such as, acidity, vitamin deficiency, and all that, etc. They have a kind of fear from Ramadan fasting.

Well, I think, after reading this post, even those who have not been able to develop a habit of everyday fasting continuously for all 30 days, will very willingly start fasting. Because today's post will introduce you with the secret  health benefits of fasting. The second part of this post, " The Spiritual Benefits Of Ramadan Fasting ", together with some other important points related to fasting will be given in the next post. Let us now begin with the medical benefits of fasting.

Medical Health Benefits Of Ramadan Fasting

Our body is an Amanat of Allah. We have to take care of it for a certain period of time, till we are on this Earth. Overeating is disliked by Islam, as it makes our body lazy which directly detaches our soul from spiritual growth. Following are the three changes that occur in our body during the month of Ramadan. These changes occur depending on the length of the fasting day.These are the changes for which we actually get the medical benefits of fasting.

1. First Stage :  In normal states,glucose is the first source of energy which is stored as glycogen in liver and muscles. During fasting, this store of glucose is used initially in order to provide energy to the body to function properly.

2. Second Stage : When the stored glucose are finished, then our fat becomes the next source of energy, which then gets burned to provide energy to the body to function normally. Now, this allows the body fat to get reduced.

3. Third Stage :  Fasting for more  prolonged period, such as for more than maximum of 15 hours to a few days, is called starvation actually, not fasting. Starvation is the period only when the body proteins begin to burn which is unhealthy. But, during Ramadan, 11- 15 hours of daily fasting for 30 days continuously, we are allowed to provide the body glucose during iftaree ad seheree meals.

On the other hand fasting for shorter period will also provide no sound benefit to the health as in this case only the glucose stores will burn out but not the fat deposits. And in this way we get the following health benefits from fasting in Ramadan :

1. Weight loss
2. Better diabetes control
3. Reduces blood pressure
4. Reduces blood cholesterol levels
5. Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in cells ( oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species and a biological system's ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or easily repair the resulting damage )
6. Reduces aging and helps keep us live longer by keeping our vital organs youthful
7. Makes us look younger.
8. Helps prevent risk of cancer
9. Purification of body from toxins
10.Purification of brain
11.Cares and prevents bad breath
12.Giving rest to digestive tract, giving the tract a chance to remain healthy
13.Slight fasting dehydration and water concentration improves longevity

The above health benefits are not followed by detailed description for quick convenience and ease of your reading.

Actually, I myself was really amazed to know about these health benefits of fasting, as some of them were really the secret ones.

These health benefits are for healthy average adults. These benefits come particularly from fasting in Ramadan and not from starvation for few days ar from very shorter period fasting, as only Ramadan provides a routine time for refilling the glucose stores of the body at iftaree and seheree times thus avoiding any harmful effects to the body.

So friends, what do you think, fasting for all 30 days in Ramadan month is very good for us right? So any of my friends, who have been in fear for a long time fasting everyday, can very healthily start fasting.

At the end of today's post, I would like to thank you all, friends for liking our blog spot  and the information shared here so much. Your liking motivates us very much to share with you more and more amazing and unique information and discoveries. Along with liking our posts, you can also share any of your thoughts with us. We would be glad for that. Till our next post, " Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting", be passionate, healthy and keep blogging, wishing that Allah accepts your fasting.

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