Friday, 5 April 2013

High Heel Shoes Harmful Effects

Hi friends, sorry for not posting in those day. i know no excuse could satisfy your heart, so I am not excusing. Back to what for I am, sharing new thoughts, ideas, innovation and lots more.

Today I will not write or explain about my topic very much because my topic will explain by a picture. This topic is only about girls one kind of favorite thing, which is high heel shoe. Wearing high heel shoes are the most favorite and fashionable thing for girls. More than 90% girls love to wear high heel shoes. But I also guarantee that most of them do not know about the harmful effects of wearing high heel shoes for long time. So I have found a picture, by which I can easily describe what I want to tell you. But please girls do not take the post as a negative scenes. I am just telling and showing the facts which good for you and your health. Now you shall decide what you want to do for you own goods.

So friends, do not forget to keep blogging, stay healthy, be passionate and share your thoughts with me.

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